What I’ve been reading this week, 15 March 2019

Being outdoors and mental health, the end of Scottish summer snow, new gear, and valuable tips for pitching your book.

Outdoors and environment

Being Outdoors and Mental Health – “I think sometimes we forget how much people who are struggling feel pressure to ‘get better’… You are not a failure if being outdoors doesn’t help. You haven’t let yourself down if you couldn’t get out of the house.”

25th September 2018 — An historic day for British meteorology – Iain Cameron writes on a fascinating and troubling subject: the end of Scottish summer snow.

Undiscovered Ecuador: Cotacachi and the Guinea Pig Lake – I’m currently editing the latest book by Mark Horrell. Here’s an extract from this exciting (and at times very funny) account of mountaineering and mucking about on bikes in Ecuador.

Hazel Strachan on the legacy of Sir Hugh Munro – this is an interesting interview with Hazel Strachan, whose achievements in Scottish hillwalking are legendary.

Has England’s trail system lost its way? – an interesting piece on the future of the National Trails system from Andrew McCloy.

Reflections on the IWA OutdoorClassics 2019 – Hendrik Morkel spies some tasty new gear. I like the look of the new Opinel models – I’ve been an Opinel user since childhood.

Writing, editing and publishing

How to find a publisher – Vertebrate Publishing share some valuable, no-nonsense tips on pitching your book to an outdoor publisher.

Spellcheck won’t save you – a good overview of the value that a professional editor can bring to your work.

By Alex Roddie

Award-winning outdoor and nature writer, editor, author, and photographer.


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