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Pinnacle Editorial is closed until late June

Follow-up review: Trailpix ultralight tripod

Thinking about video

Trapped in the Grid 01

Field Notes: the West Highland Way

Walk2017 – images from April

Hiking the Tour of Monte Rosa

My Everyday Carry

Book spotlight: The Last Hillwalker by John D Burns

ViewRanger is becoming a social network

In the Footsteps of Forbes: how the Alps have changed since 1842

Hands-on: Firepot outdoor food

#Walk2017 – images from miles 200-308

Electronics on the trail – 2017 edition

β†’ Review: Lightwave t10 Raid

Hands-on: Trailpix ultralight tripod

Book review: A Mountain Before Breakfast by Alan Rowan

Review: Original Buff multifunctional headwear

Footprints over Ingleborough: field notes

Anthropocene landscapes with the Fujifilm X-Pro2

#Walk2017 – images from the second hundred miles

Taming Facebook

Ten top tips for winter backpacking

Gear notes from a night on the dunes – Tread Lite Gear, Oookworks & more

The final issue of Mountain Pro Magazine

The times when I’ve gone ‘stupid light’

Sidetracked Volume 9 is available to pre-order

Thoughts on summer sleep systems

iOS and the power of perception

Book spotlight: Travelled Far by Keith Foskett

Windslab Wall

#Walk2017 – a photographic study of the first 100 miles

Naeboots on the Cape Wrath Trail

The state of Lightroom Mobile in early 2017

Ben Alder Cottage and the Ossian Munros: Field Notes

What I learned from the membership experiment

New UKHillwalking feature: Three Days in the Cairngorms

Making time for fitness

Part 2 of my interview with the Outdoors Station now live

New podcast available on the Outdoors Station

The wrong side of history

My top photo of 2016

My first year as a SLPOTY entrant

2016 in review

Digital navigation in TGO Magazine – a response

The Lochaber Traverse in winter – Field Notes

ViewRanger Skyline – first look

The late 2016 site refresh

The Fujinon XF35mm f/2 review

New outdoor articles available to read now

Finding the right one

Backpacking the Alder Trail – a mini-guide

Pausing for breath

The Alder Trail – Field Notes

Further thoughts on iPad photography workflows

News – The Alder Trail in Trail Magazine, and Sidetracked Volume 8

The Making of Mickey Bell by Kellan MacInnes – Book Review

An important update on site membership

iPad mobile photography workflows in 2016

The Skye Trail – field notes

The Fujifilm X-E1 review

Are trail shoes durable enough?

Pinnacle Editorial is fully booked for 2016

The most important thing

A message for site members

Icefall by Alex Staniforth – book review

Haute Route Pyrenees gear report

The Invisible Path – Chapter 3

Ulysses 2.6 review

Do wind farms really have no effect on tourism?

Photos from the Pyrenees

HRP/GR 11 Day 12

HRP/GR11 Day 11

HRP/GR11 Day 10

HRP/GR11 Day 9

HRP & GR11 Day 8

HRP Day 7

HRP Day 6

HRP Day 5

HRP Day 4

HRP Day 3

HRP Day 2

HRP Day 1

Book review and interview: Minigrooves by Riccardo Mori

HRP Day 0

Haute Route Pyrenees gear list

The Locked Web is out on Kindle – plus an easter egg

Book review and interview: Low Fidelity by Riccardo Mori

The Invisible Path – Chapter 2

The Tour of Monte Rosa in TGO Magazine

W3K Day 3

W3K Day 2

W3K Day 1

β†’ Backup systems for travel photography

Lili Marlene and misplaced nostalgia

A summer solstice bivouac amongst the dunes

A new way to follow posts on

A Haute Route Pyrenees section hike, summer 2016

Why I’m voting Remain

➝ Down the rabbit hole

➝ Smartphones and GPS in the hills

When plans change

Turning Thirty

Announcing Membership

The Invisible Path – Chapter I

Retreat from Jotunheimen

The Invisible Path – Prelude (1832)

Gear review: Speedster 30ml meths/alcohol backpacking stove

Book review: Snow on the Equator by H.W. Tilman

β†’ Sidetracked Volume Seven is available to pre-order

β†’ Against the grain

Freelance editing and writing with the iPad and iOS 9.x

Adjustments on and off the trail

The Future Of Trip Reports On This Site

Scotland 2016 gear list and kit decisions

My planned Scottish backpacking route, April – May 2016

I joined the Trailstar club

Spoiler-free review – Life of a Mountain: Blencathra by Terry Abraham

Yorkshire Dales Wild Walk in the latest issue of TGO

New interview in the Spectrum Books Podcast

The silence of the meadows

Photography equipment upgrades for 2016

Availability update for freelance editorial work

Mountain Podcast, Episode 5: The Angel of Camasunary

New Cape Wrath Trail feature in Top Trails

Gear Review: Grivel G1 New Classic crampons

The Lochaber Traverse in winter

Book review and interview: ‘Out There’ by Chris Townsend

Ten years ago, I chose adventure

First look: Out There, the new book by Chris Townsend

Birdwatching at Gibraltar Point

Ordnance Survey print-on-demand mapping: first look

How to photograph the moon

Twitter journalism and mountain tragedy

Spring arrives

Sidetracked Volume Six is here

Going paperless in the hills – how feasible is it?

Thoughts on #RIPTwitter

A few photos from the Ben Alder area

Sidetracked Volume Six is available to pre-order

An exciting new alternate history anthology out now

Plans for a winter backpacking trip to the Ben Alder area

On writing a trilogy, by Gordon Bickerstaff

Review: Mountain Podcast, Episode 3

Book review: the Auto Series by David Wailing

Life on Mars

There will always be gatekeepers

Sad news from Glen Coe – and some perspective

The Poet and the Captain

New feature in latest issue of Mountain Pro Magazine

Reading habits in 2016 and beyond

Review: Merrell All Out Peak trail shoes

A moment in time: November 30th, 2009

Writing effective dialogue in fiction

2015 in review

Aurora in Lincolnshire

Starting from zero

The next 750 miles

The photos you’ll never look at again

Flooding and the spectre of climate change

A Blizzard on Ben Nevis

Crime and Punishment is here!


Cold Witness now available on Kindle

The great Windows mistake of 2015

‘Beyond the Wall’ Books One and Two by Lucas Bale launched

A night in the woods

Review: Grisport Peaklander hiking boots

Book spotlight: Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest

Review and interview: Mountain podcast, Episode 1

Mountain Weather UK — hands-on review

Two days left to object to the Caplich wind farm proposal

‘Crime and Punishment’ cover reveal

Much ado about Naeboots

Pacific Crest Trail 2016 planning has begun

Sidetracked Volume Five is here

Book review: Thru-hiking will Break your Heart by Carrot Quinn

Cape Wrath Trail talk for the local Scouts

Lightening the winter load: ice axe and crampons for lightweight backpacking

First look: Grisport Peaklander boots

Outdoor planning for 2016: PCT yes or no?

Book review: Hyperion by Dan Simmons

Book review: One Day as a Tiger by John Porter

Photographing the ‘super blood moon’ total lunar eclipse

The Tour of Monte Rosa gear debrief

Sidetracked Volume Five is available to pre-order

New Cape Wrath Trail feature in TGO magazine October 2015

The Tour of Monte Rosa

Tour of Monte Rosa day 9

Tour of Monte Rosa day 8

Tour of Monte Rosa day 7

Tour of Monte Rosa day 6

Tour of Monte Rosa day 5

Tour of Monte Rosa day 4

Tour of Monte Rosa day 3

Tour of Monte Rosa day 2

Tour of Monte Rosa day 1

The 2015 Festival of Drabbles – calling short fiction writers!

The Tour of Monte Rosa – final preparations

Fujifilm X30 mirrorless compact camera review

Electronics on the trail – what works for me

Preparations for the Tour of Monte Rosa

I tried to recover my hacked Vodafone account and you won’t believe what happened next

The Cape Wrath Trail gear debrief

Welcome to the new site

Major website maintenance in progress

The Cape Wrath Trail days 18 – 20

The Cape Wrath Trail days 15 – 17

Feature on Professor Forbes and alpine glaciers in Mountain Pro Magazine

Book review: Ruin by Harry Manners

The Cape Wrath Trail days 11 – 14

The Cape Wrath Trail days 7 – 10

The Cape Wrath Trail days 4 – 6

The Cape Wrath Trail days 1 – 3

I hiked the Cape Wrath Trail

The adventure begins

Sidetracked Volume Four is here

Book review and interview: A Shroud of Night and Tears by Lucas Bale

Cape Wrath Trail Gear List

First look: Walking the Border by Ian Crofton

Backpacking in the Yorkshire Dales

Ten years ago

The Tarptent Notch backpacking tent β€” First Impressions

Book review: Between the Sunset and the Sea by Simon Ingram

Preparations for the Cape Wrath Trail

Lightweight stoves for backpacking β€” the alcohol option

A Tour of Kinder Scout

Book review: Moonwalker by Alan Rowan

Character focus: Josette Barbier

Inov-8 Roclite 295 trail shoes β€” first impressions

Ditching the infinity machine β€” five months later

Alpine Dawn II β€” a teaser

The 2015 site refresh β€” words, mountains, imagination

The Grand Route Forbes β€” a long-distance hike in the Alps

First look: Between the Sunset and the Sea by Simon Ingram

No Way Home is out β€” the best new voices in science fiction

More about Cold Witness, the first story by A. S. Sinclair

The Caplich Wind Farm proposal threatens the wild land of Scotland

Work in Progress Blog Tour β€” The Invisible Path

Snowshoes on Bynack More

I forgot I was a backpacker

Book review: Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles by Chris Townsend

Illustrations from after the Alpine golden age

Introducing No Way Home, a speculative fiction anthology

20% VAT for ebooks arrives today β€” what’s your strategy?

Book review: The Walk Up Nameless Ridge by Hugh Howey

Happy Christmas!

Kindle editions discounted for Christmas

The Atholl Expedition listed in top outdoor literature of 2014

The camera of the Abraham brothers returns to the Lakeland crags

Christmas paperback stock update

The Terror by Dan Simmons β€” Book Review

I Adhere to the Ethical Author Code

Alpine Dawn II progress report

Your story already exists

The TGO Awards 2014

Helvellyn with Mark Richards β€” film review

Forty-eight hours at the Lairig Leacach bothy β€” a typecast

Book review and interview: Defiance by Lucas Bale

Book review and interview: Low Fidelity by Riccardo Mori

Ditching the Infinity Machine β€” going smartphone-free in the hills

The gift of impermanent permanence

The Atholl Expedition featured in Mountain Pro Magazine

The Atholl Expedition shortlisted for Outdoor Book of the Year Award 2014 β€” Please Vote!

When’s the next book coming out, Alex?

Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited, KDP Select, and being exclusive to Amazon

Announcing the Pinnacle Editorial Press edition of The Only Genuine Jones

British climbing is changing

How’s the new job going, Alex?

Please nominate The Atholl Expedition for Outdoor Book of the Year

How Not to Self-Publish by Rosen Trevithick β€” book review

One hundred and fifty years

The Ascent of Sasseneire

Introducing Pinnacle Editorial

I quit the day job

The Heretic by Lucas Bale – book review

Aosta to Evolene – an Alpine journey in the footsteps of Professor Forbes

Three years of work on Alpine Dawn

The Atholl Expedition reviewed in ScotWays newsletter

A return to the Western Alps

The Great Ridge of Edale

Last Hours on Everest by Graham Hoyland: book review

Life of a Mountain – Scafell Pike: film review

Returning to places of inspiration

Book Spotlight – Last Hours on Everest by Graham Hoyland

#TheAthollExpedition reviewed by TGO magazine

New online interview with Andrew Mazibrada

A Scottish Winter Season Missed

#TheAthollExpedition Goodreads competition is now closed

Breaking the ice on a new novel – the pilot chapter method

Should George Mallory’s ice axe remain in the UK?

#TheAthollExpedition reviewed by Trail magazine

Scotland’s last glacier … as it appears in the present day!

The Solomon Gordon papers, 1787 – 1789

The Summits of Modern Man by Peter Hansen: Book Review

Winter climbing conditions – how much information is too much?

The Atholl Expedition Goodreads giveaway


#TheAthollExpedition Twitter competition – we have a winner!

George Mallory on Ben Nevis … in 1906!

Win a signed copy of #TheAthollExpedition on Twitter

Featured in the Scottish Sunday Mail today

Planning for success – five years of Glencoe Mountaineer

The Atholl Expedition in paperback – now taking orders

The Mounth Passes by Neil Ramsay and Nate Pedersen: book review

On the threshold of a new dawn

Registration for signed paperback copies of #TheAthollExpedition is now open

Scotland’s last surviving glacier lasted into the 1700s, research shows

Focused writing apps for Windows 8 (part one)

1759 – the point of divergence

Mountain Classics – The Mountain Men by Alan Hankinson

Defeated by Lochnagar but inspired by Balmoral

I’m off on an adventure

The best Android apps for writers (part two)

The Atholl Expedition Featured on

2013 – my year in review

The Atholl Expedition in paperback – a work in progress

The Atholl Expedition is off to a great start

The Atholl Expedition is finally here on Kindle – please share!

The Atholl Expedition will launch on Christmas Eve

The Only Genuine Jones Christmas sale – now 77p on Kindle

Sign up to my new release mailing list now

Mountain Classics – Scrambles Amongst the Alps by Edward Whymper

Every author needs a support team

19th century glacier travel – a brief analysis

Book Spotlight – The Summits of Modern Man by Peter Hansen

The Atholl Expedition – introducing illustrations by Catherine Speakman

How to turn an Android phone into a dedicated GPS device

Featured on The Gear – a great new website for outdoor enthusiasts

The best smartphone for writers

The Atholl Expedition: location photo gallery

The Atholl Expedition moves into beta

The magic of early winter in the Highlands

Introducing the Alpine Dawn series

A plea to reviewers of The Only Genuine Jones

Two months writing with a vintage Mac

I have a rough draft for “The Atholl Expedition”

My first year as a published author

Why I love the 1840s

New review for The Only Genuine Jones

A week of mist and magic in Glen Shiel

I’m off on an adventure

Blog Spotlight: self powered

A cover reveal and title change for my next book

The 2013 #Scotwinter Sweepstakes: we have some winners!

An interview with Terry Abraham, mountain film-maker

Visiting the Grave of Owen Glynne Jones

Work draws to a close on “The Atholl Expedition”

The quest for distraction-free writing: 1997 to the present day

Blog Spotlight: The Mountain’s Silhouette

The best Android apps for writers (part one)

The 2013 #Scotwinter Sweepstakes: place your bets!

The mountains of my life: Ben Nevis

Currently reading: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

New interview on The Cult of Me

Lowdown on the Upland of Mar by Joe Dorward: book review

New author interview on the blog of John Burns

Blog spotlight: Glencoe Mountaineer

The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend – film review

The Only Genuine Jones wins Indie Book of the Day award

The mountains of my life: Aonach Dubh West Face

Character gallery for The Atholl Expedition

Everest – The First Ascent by Harriet Tuckey: book review

A sample scene from “The Atholl Expedition”

Help – Queen Victoria has taken over my new book

“Dare to Dream” by Matthew Dieumegard-Thornton – book review

An interview with John D Burns, outdoor blogger and Aleister Crowley playwright

The Ascent of Cairn Toul and a crossing of the Braeriach Plateau

The Voyage North: 51 miles on foot from Blair Atholl to Aviemore

I’m off on an adventure!

New interview on Jonathan Hill’s blog

New short fiction competition hosted by Michael Brookes

New article published on

First look – EVEREST: THE FIRST ASCENT by Harriet Tuckey

Avalanche by moonlight

Constructing an ice axe of the Alpine Golden Age

The Chomolungma Diaries by Mark Horrell

A different kind of Kindle promotion: the well-timed price drop

“The Only Genuine Jones” is 79p on Kindle for a limited time only

The mountains of my life – Castor, my first Alpine peak

Work underway on “Forbes’ Challenge”

The ugly side of climbing and mountaineering culture

Climbing with an Alpenstock

The mountains of my life – Stob Ban, my first Munro

Character Profile: James Forbes

Recent reviews for “Crowley’s Rival”

Amazon deleting reviews – the plot thickens

The mountains of my life – Tryfan

TGO magazine reviews “The Only Genuine Jones”

New research regarding Scotland’s Yeti legend

Social media for the indie author

“The Only Genuine Jones” gets an amazing review from MyOutdoors

More webcams in the hills: an answer to the mountain safety question?

The mountains of my life – Bowfell

Exclusive book extract on

Digital Research: The Double Edged-Sword

An interview with Jamie Hageman, mountain and landscape artist

An interview with Nick Livesey, mountain photographer

An interview with Gordon Stainforth, author of FIVA

Scottish winter climbing: the future

Hosting an indie book launch event – my thoughts

“What about the next book?”

And the winner is…

Last day of “The Only Genuine Jones” Goodreads giveaway

To look but not to touch – Glen Coe at its finest

My first book launch (spoiler: a success!)

“Crowley’s Rival” is free on Kindle until Thursday

“How can I get hold of a paperback copy of OGJ?”

All is ready for the book launch

Pre-orders now being taken for “The Only Genuine Jones” paperback edition

The war on mountain freedom is still raging

The ascent of the Pinnacle Face: anatomy of a near-disaster

The freedom of the hills is under threat

392 years ago in a snow-swept Scottish glen…

Mask of the Macabre by David Haynes

BBC Radio Scotland interview: the response

My Glencoe interview will be broadcast tomorrow

New monthly mailing list – and some publicity

Win a signed copy of “The Only Genuine Jones!”

The Great Stink by Clare Clark: book review

Running an ad on Goodreads: my experience

A sneak preview of Alpine Dawn, my work in progress

A tablet computer as writer’s companion

Drabble #2: “Second Flight”

Scottish photoshoot – the author in his natural environment

OGJ paperback launch: T minus one month and counting

Drabble #1: “First Flight”

The Beinn Fhada ridge, Glencoe

BBC Out of Doors interview on location in Glencoe

Rest In Peace

A night on the mountain

The 2nd FeedARead copy is here–and a possible challenge

Recent stunning reviews for “The Only Genuine Jones”

Book launch poster

An update on my progress with FeedARead

Equipment for Victorian climbers: puttees

Now reading: THE GREAT STINK by Clare Clark

Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Deadwood Stage by Mike Hogan (book review)

Facts and the historical novelist

End of year update on “Alpine Dawn”

“The Only Genuine Jones” paperback launch event, Feb 27th, Glencoe

A Mountain Writer’s Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The Only Genuine Jones is on special offer for 99p!

Caleb’s List by Kellan MacInnes: book review

The first ever paperback copy of my first novel is here

Crowley’s Rival is now available on Amazon Kindle

My experience so far with FeedARead print on demand publishing

Looking back on 2012 from an author’s perspective

Maurice Herzog, Himalayan pioneer, 1919 – 2012

This website is undergoing a redesign

Crowley’s Rival will be available from the 19th of December

The Ice World

Now reading: Caleb’s List by Kellan MacInnes

The Last Mountain by Malcolm Havard: book review

Oscar Eckenstein: the first true innovator of climbing equipment?

Paperback covers for print on demand with FeedARead

Mountain inns and communities: worlds apart

The writer’s relationship with landscape

“Crowley’s Rival” takes shape. Plus: cover designs!

“We should think about turning back.”

Autumn snowcraft on Stob Coire nan Lochan

An aquatic scramble on the north face of Aonach Dubh

“Breaching the Fortress” by Harold Raeburn: a companion article to OGJ

“The Only Genuine Jones” is now available on Kobo books

A few more illustrations

Illustrating the paperback edition

Ninety-four years ago…

New Crowley/Jones story in progress

A selection of recent reviews

Winter of the World by Ken Follett: book review

The Central Gully of Bidean nam Bian

New guest blog post: Growing up with Mountains

The second week: growing enthusiasm, and short stories to look forward to

The Mountaineer’s Library

The poster campaign begins

The First Week


The Only Genuine Jones now available in all major ebook formats

North Wall by Roger Hubank: book review

The paperback version and beyond

Launch day: from bottom of the pile to bestseller in the mountaineering category

My book is now available on Amazon Kindle

The countdown is almost over

Some ambience and atmosphere to get you in the mood for the book launch

New article published on

The writer’s notebook(s)

The final sprint

Keeping the enthusiasm burning: seven years in retrospect

The 21st draws closer!

The stories will never come to an end: a celebration of humanity in the mountains

Historical climbing re-enactment on Countryfile

One month until OGJ arrives on Kindle

Book trailer now out!

The Only Genuine Jones: Frequently Asked Questions

October the 21st: a date to put in your diary

Autumn: my most productive time of year

In our September…

My views on the new Kindle Paperwhite

Progress report on OGJ

Review: Echoes: One Climber’s Hard Road to Freedom

The creation of the Kindle Edition of “The Only Genuine Jones”

Technology for writers, a second look

Blurb and pitching woes

The quest for the sublime in the Alps

Review: A Lakeland Climbing Pioneer: John Wilson Robinson of Whinfell Hall

Professor Norman Collie: character profile

Editing, writing, and writing about editing and writing

Aleister Crowley: character profile

Owen Glynne Jones: character profile

Work begins on ‘Alpine Dawn’

Review: Curiosities of London Life

A writer’s holiday in Snowdonia

Inspiration: stacking the odds in your favour

Aerial views of London from 1891

Review: FIVA: An Adventure That Went Wrong

Social media update

Review: Hazard’s Way

It’s time to write a blurb

I have a cover design!

Some thoughts on constructing a plot

Switzerland (oh to be there in the summer!)

Review: The Living Mountain

Five years since work began on OGJ

And once again I face the red pen of doom (aka. the mss has been sent for editing)

Review: The Silver Dark Sea by Susan Fletcher

I am making progress

Review: Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should

Exciting new book release

New design

The first step

One decade later …

The grand convergence is coming

The post-PC, post-print revolution, and how it affects writers

Something a little different

A gold mine

The boundary between research and prewriting

Terra Incognita

Rejection letter

Words of wisdom from Professor James Forbes

Portable writing gadgetry

Writerly thoughts for the day

Review: The History Of Pendennis

The ice axe as a symbol

The next step

Thackeray vs. Dickens

Kindle–first thoughts

First post in over three years