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Backpacking the Skye Trail

Few backpacking routes offer such varied rewards as this week-long walk through the Winged Isle

Words by Alex Roddie / Images by James Roddie Photography

This feature was first published in The Great Outdoors, October 2016.

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Backpacking in the Alps – a mini-guide

Photo 06-09-2015, 13 06 26


If you’re a British backpacker looking to head across to the Alps for the first time, it can seem daunting at first. Here’s my mini-guide to enjoying the Alps on foot with a rucksack.

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Editing TGO Magazine

In early May, I took a call from Emily Rodway, the editor of TGO Magazine. She had a simple request: for me to help get the June 2017 issue ready while she was on holiday. Of course, I said I’d do it.

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Hiking the Tour of Monte Rosa

A 100-mile walk around a huge mountain that straddles the borders of Italy and Switzerland, this Alpine trail deserves to be better known, says Alex Roddie

This article was first published in TGO Magazine, July 2016

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In the Footsteps of Forbes: how the Alps have changed since 1842

Professor James Forbes is probably the most significant mountain explorer you’ve never heard of. In this piece, first published in the summer 2015 edition of Mountain Pro Magazine, I’d like to show how studying his pioneering work led me to appreciate the enormous changes that have taken place in the Alps since the 19th century.

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