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Backpacking the Skye Trail

Few backpacking routes offer such varied rewards as this week-long walk through the Winged Isle

Words by Alex Roddie / Images by James Roddie Photography

This feature was first published in The Great Outdoors, October 2016.

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Walk2017 – images from June to August

Mile 565 – 1,103

My habit of posting monthly photo blogs has lapsed recently, but that’s because I’ve suffered from a lack of photographic inspiration over the summer – as usual. Now that I’ve gathered enough images from this period to make a decent post, I thought I’d resume.

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The ultralight experiment of 2017

Langsua National Park

This year, for the first time, I have completed a long-distance hike with an ultralight pack. Here’s how I did it, and why for me it’s only one tool in the toolbox, not the only way to enjoy the wild.

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Review: ÜLA CDT ultralight pack


Unlike ÜLA’s larger Circuit, I don’t love this pack – but it gets the job done at a little over half the weight. Here’s my review of the ÜLA CDT ultralight pack.

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The Haute Route Pyrenees: Field Notes

Lacs de Barroude, Pyrenees

In the August 2017 issue of The Great Outdoors, you’ll find my latest backpacking feature, entitled Chased by Storms. Here’s the lowdown on my route through the Pyrenees along with some extra photos and notes.

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