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Follow-up review: Trailpix ultralight tripod

In my initial hands-on review of this innovative product, I concluded that ‘I think this is going to be exactly what I’ve been looking for’. After using it in the field, I’ve changed my mind. Here’s why.

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Trapped in the Grid 01

Trapped in the Grid 01

Lincoln, September 2016

Today I’d like to introduce a new street photography project: Trapped in the Grid.

I’ve been into street photography for a few years now. Fast-paced and instinctive, ruled by the gods of luck and chance, I find it compelling. It’s so unlike my mountain photography, yet I believe working at this rewarding hobby is improving my skills in the photographic part of my job too.

I find street photography hard, and I fail far more often than I succeed. But I’m getting braver. Earlier this year, I realised that my better compositions all adhered to the same loose visual theme: human beings enmeshed within complex geometric shapes or structures, often seemingly oblivious to their fantastical surroundings. The seed of a new project was sown.

Trapped in the Grid aims to present images showing members of our species interlocked within the vast system that both sustains and imprisons us.

Image 01 was taken in Lincoln, England, in September 2016. It’s a view into a small cafe on Steep Hill. The stacked layers caught my eye as I passed – and the way the main subject seems to be made of the same stuff as his surroundings.

I’ll be posting a new image from this series each month.

Walk2017 – images from April

I added a few extra miles to my tally this month, and a vintage manual telephoto lens to my gear load. Here are a few images from miles 308-430.

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#Walk2017 – images from miles 200-308

It’s been a quiet month with no particularly dramatic light or weather. As my daily walk becomes more and more familiar, I’ve found myself taking fewer pictures – but here are a few highlights. The landscape is waking up after a mild winter.

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Electronics on the trail – 2017 edition

In 2015, I published a popular article: Electronics on the trail – what works for me. That article is now out of date. Here’s a new version, detailing the items I’m carrying in 2017.

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