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Autumn’s glow


For a while I worried that this autumn would be like so many other recent ones: trees stripped of their leaves by high winds, and endless grey dulling the colours. But I’m glad to see that the autumn colours have finally reached their peak here in Lincolnshire. Here are a couple of images from my morning walks this week.


Interview with Ali Horne on the Sidetracked Field Journal →

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I’ve interviewed Highlands-based landscape photographer Ali Horne for the Sidetracked Field Journal.

At 25, Ali Horne is a full-time professional landscape photographer known for his dramatic images, subtle colours, and striking depiction of mountain landscapes. But his images aren’t confined to the Highlands. Alistair has travelled all over the world with his camera, seeking out unique viewpoints and telling stories through his images. Although he mainly focuses on landscapes, he dabbles in the odd portrait when necessary.

He’s the driving force behind the Highland Collective – a group of eight Scottish photographers exploring the landscape and showcasing the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, encouraging more people to visit… but to tread softly when they do.

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Walk2017 – images from September

My photographic mojo has returned this month, thanks to a trip to the Alps. Here are a few snaps from mile 1,112 to 1,219.

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Why I prefer shooting with primes

A recent blog post by Chris Townsend on his camera setup prompted a Twitter debate last week on zooms vs primes for photographers who go hillwalking and backpacking. Since I’ve been planning to write about this for a while, I thought now would be a good opportunity to try putting down my thoughts on why I prefer shooting with primes.

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Walk2017 – images from June to August

Mile 565 – 1,103

My habit of posting monthly photo blogs has lapsed recently, but that’s because I’ve suffered from a lack of photographic inspiration over the summer – as usual. Now that I’ve gathered enough images from this period to make a decent post, I thought I’d resume.

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