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Follow-up review: Trailpix ultralight tripod

In my initial hands-on review of this innovative product, I concluded that β€˜I think this is going to be exactly what I’ve been looking for’. After using it in the field, I’ve changed my mind. Here’s why.

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Hands-on: Firepot outdoor food

This is probably the best dehydrated backpacking food I’ve ever tasted.

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β†’ Review: Lightwave t10 Raid

The Lightwave t10 Raid is a lightweight one-person tunnel tent. While many other backpacking tents are strong but heavy, or light but not great in high winds, the t10 Raid aims to tick every box: absolutely rock-solid performance in the worst weather, despite weighing only 1.45kg. But how does it perform? I’ve been testing it in the British hills this winter to find out.

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Hands-on: Trailpix ultralight tripod

Lightweight backpackers who are serious about photography face a dilemma: tripods are heavy. I’ve tried various solutions over the last couple of years, but I think with the Trailpix I may be on to a winner.

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Book review: A Mountain Before Breakfast by Alan Rowan

A Mountain Before Breakfast
By Alan Rowan

Alan Rowan climbs mountains by night. His first book, Moonwalker, was all about his quest to climb the Munros despite a packed schedule as a sports journalist. The only time he could find for hillwalking was after work, so he cut his teeth on the Scottish mountains after dark.

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