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Electronics on the trail – 2017 edition

In 2015, I published a popular article: Electronics on the trail – what works for me. That article is now out of date. Here’s a new version, detailing the items I’m carrying in 2017.

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Taming Facebook

If you’ve noticed that we’re no longer friends on Facebook, and feel upset about it, don’t worry – it isn’t you, it’s me.

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iOS and the power of perception

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As a long-term user of Apple computers, I struggle to find the right way forward in today’s strange times. I thought I had it figured out. But there’s an important factor I failed to take into consideration: client perception.

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The state of Lightroom Mobile in early 2017

2017 update: I am no longer working with an iPad (in fact, I no longer own an iPad). I’ve come to realise that the Mac is simply a better fit for my needs. I leave this article online for posterity.

Last year, I started using Lightroom for iOS – and hit a few roadblocks that derailed my experience, sending me back to the Mac. Now, after using it for several months, I’m glad to say that the situation is a lot better. But is iOS ready for serious photography work yet?

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The wrong side of history

For the first time in almost twenty years, the Mac platform is facing an existential threat. How we respond to this threat may shape the future of computing as we know it. The future isn’t bright – the future is compromised.

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