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The upgrade trap

Sometimes, when you think you are upgrading an item, you’re actually downgrading instead

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Finding the ultimate input devices – the Apple Extended Keyboard II and CST L-Trac

I know, I know – this is clearly procrastination (and procrastination of the geekiest possible kind), but I think I have now achieved a kind of personal nirvana of computer input peripherals, and I just had to share.

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Why don’t smartphones last longer?

Ever since the last software update, my iPhone has been playing up. I’ve had it for 13 months. This is considered middle-aged by the standards of these devices, and when you think about it that’s completely insane.

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ViewRanger vs Garmin – I was wrong

In April 2017, faced with the news that ViewRanger was introducing a new social feed that could not be deactivated, I wrote this somewhat angry post explaining why I hated the idea. But fast-forward two months, and my position has softened. I thought I’d be able to replace ViewRanger with a mapping Garmin handheld. It turns out that this isn’t feasible for my needs.

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Electronics for lightweight and ultralight backpacking

In 2015, I published a popular article: Electronics on the trail – what works for me. Here’s a new version, detailing the items I’m carrying right now. This article is kept up to date.

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