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The Armchair Mountaineer Wild Writing Competition 2017

It’s my pleasure to introduce the Armchair MountaineerΒ Wild Writing Competition, run by Thomas Smallwood of the excellent outdoor blogΒ Armchair Mountaineer. I’m one of the judges, and there are some great prizes, but more importantly this is a great chance to bring your mountain writing to a wider audience.

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Ulysses 2.6 review


The best professional writing app for OS X and iOS – no, not Scrivener – just received a major new release. Here’s an overview of the new features, and why it should be in every writer’s toolbox.

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There will always be gatekeepers


When modern indie publishing took off, writers rejoiced that there were no longer any ‘gatekeepers’ – arbiters of quality perceived to stand between a writer and success. In the old days that meant traditional publishers, who rejected the vast majority of submissions, but the gatekeepers are still there – and the definition of success is changing.

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Writing effective dialogue in fiction

As an editor, I’ve seen all kinds of dialogue in fiction: poor, excellent, and every possible grade in between. In this article I’m going to give you some basic tools to improve your dialogue.

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