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Sidetracked Volume 10 is available for pre-order

Sidetracked, the peerless adventure travel magazine, has hit Volume 10. The new issue is up for pre-order now.

It’s been quite a journey getting to this point. I came on board the team for Volume 4 in early 2015, and since then we have worked with amazing stories and some truly sublime photography. The bar keeps getting higher, and it’s a privilege to help polish these stories until they gleam.

Sidetracked is unique: only a handful of issues a year, but each issue is something else.

Click here to pre-order Volume 10.

The wind shrieks, its fury unmistakable. The rain pounds a tumultuous percussion on silk-thin fabric. Beyond, outside, just there, the world waits because sleep won’t come. For centuries, perhaps millennia, travellers have told stories to each other, as much to forget the storms that growled beyond their trembling shelters and the dark mouths of their dank caves, as to pass time in companionship. Whether faces are picked out by the flickering orange glow of a campfire, or by the harsh white strobe of a head torch, it is in art, and in stories in particular, that we find both truth and beauty.

The Armchair Mountaineer Wild Writing Competition 2017

It’s my pleasure to introduce the Armchair Mountaineer Wild Writing Competition, run by Thomas Smallwood of the excellent outdoor blog Armchair Mountaineer. I’m one of the judges, and there are some great prizes, but more importantly this is a great chance to bring your mountain writing to a wider audience.

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How to: see and photograph the Perseids ➔

I’ve just published an online feature for The Great Outdoors, explaining how you can see and photograph the annual Perseid meteor shower – which peaks this year tomorrow evening. Check it out here.

Preparations for hiking the Jotunheimstien

Jotunheimen backpacking

I’m in the final stages of planning my next long-distance trail, which begins on the 18th of July 2017. Here I’d like to share a few notes on my route and the gear I’ve selected for this trip.

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My new editorial role at TGO Magazine

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m taking on a new freelance role at TGO Magazine, the UK’s leading authority on backpacking and hillwalking since 1978. Will Renwick has recently moved to OutdoorsMagic (well done, Will!) so I am assuming his duties as Online Editor. I’m joining a team including Editor Emily Rodway, Gear Editor Chris Townsend, Art Editor Helen Blunt, and columnists Ed Byrne, Carey Davies, Roger Smith and Jim Perrin.

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