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Finding the ultimate input devices – the Apple Extended Keyboard II and CST L-Trac

I know, I know – this is clearly procrastination (and procrastination of the geekiest possible kind), but I think I have now achieved a kind of personal nirvana of computer input peripherals, and I just had to share.

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11 top tips for getting into winter mountaineering – are you prepared? β†’

I’ve just published a featured aimed at winter beginners over at TGO Magazine.

Most of us start out by venturing into the mountains in summer, but sooner or later the pull of winter mountains becomes impossible to resist. However, actually taking that first step can be daunting: it seems like there’s so much to learn, the risks are greater, and it’s hard to know where to start.

This article won’t teach you everything you need to know, but we’re here to point you in the right direction.

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NaNoWriMo – week one progress report

It’s been seven days of crazed literary abandon so far – except that it hasn’t.

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I’m taking a break from social media in November

It’s almost November, which means National Novel Writing Month is upon me. I’m going dark on my personal social channels until December the 1st.

I won’t overcomplicate this, because it’s pretty simple: in order to give myself a fighting chance of writing 50,000 words of fiction in a month1, I need to create more time. Over the course of 2017 I’ve become much better at managing my time more effectively, but personal social media is one area where I often spend more time than its benefits justify. I’ve made headway over the last couple of weeks by cutting back and rationing my usage, which has helped me carve out extra hours to plan the novel, but for writing the first draft I need to go cold turkey.

A few miscellaneous comments:

  • This does not include social media activity for TGO, which is part of my job (and has been a strictly timed, measurable activity since I took over TGO’s social accounts).
  • I won’t be manually posting anything on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts from 1/11/17 until 30/11/17.
  • I’ll continue to write and publish on my website as usual. Thanks to the magic of IFTTT, posts will appear on Twitter and Facebook to announce new blog entries, but if you reply to those posts, I won’t see your replies until the 1st of December.
  • If you’d like to contact me, please do so here: I’ll be reading and responding to emails as usual.

That’s about it. I’ll be back on social media in December, but I’m really looking forward to the break – and am hoping I see a boost in concentration and productivity.

  1. For the why and the how, see this recent post:↩

New On Landscape feature: The Decaying Alps β†’

On Landscape magazine have just published my digital feature about a photographic project I conducted in the Alps, examining the processes of decay and erosion. In my feature, IΒ explore the question of whether photographers have a duty to tell the truth in their images.

On an intellectual level, I knew that climate change was affecting the Alps, that glaciers were in retreat, but there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself to drive the point home. When I returned to Zermatt in September 2017 and revisited some of the climbs I’d done ten years before, I was shocked at what I found.

Read the full feature here (subscription required).

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