Thanks again for your help. Will certainly consider you again, you really saved our bacon…

Phoebe Smith, editor of Wanderlust magazine

It’s rare to find an editor with excellent technical skills, rarer still to find one who is always friendly and professional. Alex Roddie provided superb feedback on my novel, providing concrete suggestions for clarifying character motivations, and spotting areas where more detail was needed. His line edit also gave my novel a final polish, helping me comply with those exacting industry guidelines.

Alex set out costs clearly and kept to them. He also met all his own deadlines. I would be delighted to work with him again.

Kevin Elliott, science fiction novelist

I have to say you have done a first-class job, and from the outset you have been professional, committed and highly punctual with your deadlines. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this book. You were conscious of my fast-approaching deadline and worked impeccably towards hitting it.

You have bliss to work with and I can’t praise your efforts, professionalism and writing/editorial skills highly enough.

Ellis Stewart, Himalayan mountaineer and author of Everest – It’s Not About The Summit

I consider you one of the best that I’ve worked with.

Linda Wilcox, author of the Verity Long series

Thanks for the quick and thorough response. I’m seriously impressed. I’ve interacted with myriad proofreaders over the years, and you’re one of the most acute readers I’ve seen.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists

My book is about mountaineering so it was a no-brainer for me to hire Alex as an editor. I knew he was well read in the genre, and his expert knowledge of mountain history would come in useful, and I knew from his own books that he knows how to craft a good story.

Alex provided both a critique and a line edit for my book, and I was very happy with both. The first was thorough and gave me many useful suggestions to improve the story. The line edit was also just right, with many comments and tracked changes in the places that needed it, and just a light polish to passages that were already well crafted. He has excellent attention to detail, and also helped me to improve my grammar.

His prices are competitive, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other authors. I wouldn’t want him to become too popular though – as a fan of his books I hope he will continue to have time for his own writing!

Mark Horrell, author of Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest

Editing and formatting are two areas that should not be overlooked. You’ve worked hard to write your book; don’t let yourself or your readers down with poor content or appearance. Not only does Pinnacle Editorial do a sterling job of polishing your work, it’s also very reasonably priced, and impressively professional.

Keith Foskett, author of Balancing on Blue

Alex provided a critique of my new novel The Black Fox and highlighted a number of issues that I hadn’t seen because I was too close to the story to see them. I have no doubt his input has improved the m/s significantly. He also provided good advice on how to master the omniscient POV. I am more conscious of it now and less likely to cause POV confusion in future work. I will use Pinnacle Editorial again.

Gordon Bickerstaff, author of Deadly Secrets, Everything To Lose and The Black Fox

Having written a novella and a couple of anthologies, it was time to consider a professional editor for my first novel. But where should I start? Looking around there were several that appealed to me, so I dug a little deeper. Being a fan of medieval fantasy helped, as well as, how shall I put it, being pedantic.

Although all of the editors on my short list would do a good job, I chose Alex. Having recently seen the results I am delighted with his work. From the initial discussions through to the return of my book (with a raft of alterations and suggestions) Alex has shown me the insights of top-notch editing; his attention to detail is astonishing. He is guiding, helping, urging me to complete it and best of all, I can see that he likes my work.

Rick Haynes, author of Evil Never Dies, Chocolate Chunks from Crazy Crete and Heroes Never Fade

Alex gave me some excellent feedback which helped me shape my approach to editing certain parts of the manuscript and, also, how I approached Defiance, the second book in the series. I have absolutely no doubt Alex will be a credit to anyone who chooses to employ his considerable talent.

Lucas Bale, author of The Heretic

I asked Alex to line edit my first novel ‘The Cult of Me’. He completed the task in a timely manner and provided a host of changes which improved the draft considerably. I will be using his services again.

Michael Brookes, author of The Cult of Me