A selected portfolio of recent features for outdoor print and online magazines1. Where the feature exists online, clicking the thumbnail will take you to the relevant page.

Older features

Skills: lightweight backpacking for beginners (UKHillwalking, June 2017)

The Great Outdoors Guide to 10 big days out (TGO magazine, June 2017)

The Great Outdoors Guide to Sharing your Adventure (TGO magazine, June 2017)

The West Highland Way (Outdoor Enthusiast Hike & Bike Supplement, May 2017)

The Lochaber Traverse (On Landscape, April 2017)

Lightwave t10 Raid tent review (UKHillwalking, March 2017)

Footprints over Ingleborough (TGO magazine, March 2017)

Photography on the Trail (On Landscape, February 2017)

A Night in Ben Alder Cottage (TGO Magazine, February 2017)

Backpacking the glens: three days through the Cairngorms (UKHillwalking, January 2017)

The Lochaber Traverse (TGO Magazine, January 2017)

The Alder Trail (Trail Magazine, November 2016)

The Skye Trail (TGO Magazine, October 2016)

The Tour of Monte Rosa (TGO Magazine, July 2016)

Great Whernside from Coverdale (TGO Magazine Wild Walk, May 2016)

The Cape Wrath Trail (Outdoor Enthusiast Top Trails, March 2016)

Ten Top Tips for Winter Backpacking (UKHillwalking, February 2016)

Pilgrim’s Progress (Mountain Pro Magazine, January 2016)

Electronics on the Trail (UKHillwalking, October 2015)

The Cape Wrath Trail (TGO Magazine, October 2015)

How to Walk the Cape Wrath Trail (UKHillwalking, August 2015)

In the Footsteps of Forbes (Mountain Pro Magazine, July 2015)

Tour of Kinder Scout and Edale (UKHillwalking, April 2015)

Opinion: Caplich is a Wind Farm Too Far (UKHillwalking, February 2015)

Scotland’s Yeti – Historic Hoax Exposed (UKHillwalking, April 2013)

Inside the Tweeds of a Victorian Gentleman Climber (UKClimbing, October 2012)