What I’ve been reading this week, 20 March 2020

The call of lapwings, the last giraffes on Earth, trail towns on the CDT, and books for adventure and inspiration.

This is the first of two ‘what I’ve been reading’ entries this week. The second is a COVID-19 special.

Environment and nature

Country diary: the call of the lapwings orients me in time and place – Carey Davies writes about the ‘blips and glitches of a haunted radio’ that seem to make up the lapwing’s call.

BMC launches The Climate Project – I was supposed to be going to the launch for this at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. I’m glad to see the Climate Project go ahead regardless. Moors for the Future is a great initiative and well worth supporting.

The Last Giraffes on Earth – fascinating and saddening.

On the verge: a quiet roadside revolution is boosting wildflowers – ‘It’s about bringing colour back to the countryside and to our roadsides. If we have that colour there, then we’ll have lots of other wildlife there as well.’

Long-distance hiking and the outdoors

Winter Glen Coe Round for John Fleetwood – an incredible achievement.

TrekSnappy’s Pyrenees Traverse – Week 2 – the second instalment of Danielle and Wayne’s HRP blog…

TrekSnappy’s Pyrenees Traverse – Week 3 – …and the third!

CDT Trail towns – a useful blog from Inaki on the trail towns of the Continental Divide Trail.

Books, writing, and editing

Best of: Books to read for adventure and inspiration – if you’ve suddenly found yourself with a lot of reading time on your hands, here’s an excellent list to get your teeth into.

Whack Extraneous Phrases in Your Writing – a fair chunk of my work involves tightening up writing that could be simpler. This is an excellent starting point.

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By Alex Roddie

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