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Book reviews

I read a lot in my spare time. Reading isn’t just a hobby for me–it’s essential fuel for my own work. Writing may be an imaginative process but it has to be built on a foundation, and often that foundation is the result of weeks or months of research. Historical research makes up the bulk of it, but there’s a lot of background reading to get through as well, and for this reason a lot of my reading material tends to originate from the 19th century.

When reading for pleasure, I favour historical fiction, landscape writing, anything related to climbing, mountaineering, or the outdoors, and occasionally science fiction. I also have a list of classics I am slowly making my way through.

I write book reviews for certain titles, and post my reviews on this website, on Amazon, and on Goodreads. Currently I am reviewing anything related to the following topics:

  • Historical fiction set between the 1780s and 1910s in Britain or Europe;
  • Anything prominently featuring the mountaineering culture or history of Britain and Europe;
  • Landscape writing related to Britain or the Alps;
  • Non-fiction works related to the 19th century history of London;
  • Anything else that interests me …

If you have written a book that fits these loose categories, please get in touch and I will see what I can do to accommodate you. I’m always looking for new books to read and am only too happy to help others find information on new books.

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Sometimes friendly authors send me free books to read and review, which is wonderful. This disclaimer exists to avoid any accusations of favouritism, so let it be on record that just because an author has personally contacted me and asked for a review, that doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically say their book is awesome. Every review is written honestly and impartially.