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Cold Witness

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By Alex Roddie

Edited by Pinnacle Editorial

This is a short story, approximate length 12,000 words.

In 1976, an RAF radio engineer is sent to decommission an old military installation at a remote site in the Suffolk countryside.

What he finds there will bend the fabric of reality and plunge him into a waking nightmare from which there can be no escape.

Who is the dreamer, and who is the dream?

Cold Witness is a short story first published as part of the speculative fiction anthology No Way Home. It was originally published under my pseudonym A.S. Sinclair.

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Praise for Cold Witness

‘An unusual and off-beat story told with great skill’ – David Wailing (author)

‘The lucidity of reality versus dreams and what it means to exist are explored throughout Cold Witness in a way that I found simultaneously chilling and refreshing.’ – Anthony Vicino (author)

‘I was really impressed with the techno-Lovecraft vibe. This is definitely more of a mental thriller, but the stakes are no less exciting.’ – S.E. Lehenbauer (author)