Trapped in the Grid 03

Trapped in the Grid aims to present images showing members of our species interlocked within the vast system that both sustains and imprisons us.

Image 03 was taken in the coffee shop at the international arrivals lounge in Stansted Airport. Unlike the other images in this series, I haven’t had time to consider it for the collection. I took the picture about five minutes before I typed these words and posted this message. To me, that immediacy reflects the constantly moving and shifting life of the airport – a grid in which travellers are inextricably (but often fruitfully) enmeshed. 

I’ll be posting a new image from this series each month.

Preparations for hiking the Jotunheimstien

Jotunheimen backpacking

I’m in the final stages of planning my next long-distance trail, which begins on the 18th of July 2017. Here I’d like to share a few notes on my route and the gear I’ve selected for this trip.

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My new editorial role at TGO Magazine

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m taking on a new freelance role at TGO Magazine, the UK’s leading authority on backpacking and hillwalking since 1978. Will Renwick has recently moved to OutdoorsMagic (well done, Will!) so I am assuming his duties as Online Editor. I’m joining a team including Editor Emily Rodway, Gear Editor Chris Townsend, Art Editor Helen Blunt, and columnists Ed Byrne, Carey Davies, Roger Smith and Jim Perrin.

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14 months with the MLD Trailstar

Much has been written about the Trailstar, and at several points over the last year I’ve asked myself if the world really needs another Trailstar review. It’s a known quantity now. Some in the backpacking world have already moved beyond the Trailstar to other shelters entirely. But my year using this unique shelter has taught me so much about lightweight backpacking, transformed my experience in the mountains so profoundly, that I can’t help but write about it.

For all the Trailstar’s wonderful qualities, it isn’t a perfect shelter. I have now spent over 60 nights beneath it, which I think is enough to view it with the proper objectivity to write a review.

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Hiking the Langdale Skyline – Field Notes

My feature on hiking the Langdale Skyline has been published by UKHillwalking in their series of UK mountain ‘ultimate challenges’. You can read my feature here. Here are some notes about the route, along with a selection of photos that didn’t appear in the main article.

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