The final issue of Mountain Pro Magazine

Earlier this week, I was informed that Mountain Pro Magazine is closing down. The final issue is now out – as always, free to read online. Amongst other things, it includes two book reviews from me and a cracking bothy story from mountain writer John Burns.

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The times when I’ve gone ‘stupid light’

A couple of years ago, I read an article by Andy Skurka called Stupid Light: Why light is not necessarily right, and why lighter is not necessarily better. I’ve always tried to pack intelligently, rather than just aiming for the lightest possible load, but I’ve been guilty of going ‘stupid light’ a few times too. It’s all part of the learning curve from traditional to lightweight backpacker.

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Sidetracked Volume 9 is available to pre-order

It’s that time again. Twitter is abuzz with the news, and mouth-watering photos are popping up in your Facebook feed – a new volume of the peerless Sidetracked is up for pre-order!

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Thoughts on summer sleep systems


Two years ago, I bought a new sleeping bag and thought it would be ideal for every backpacking scenario. But now I find my needs diversifying, and I’m looking for a new – and much lighter – option for summer trips.

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iOS and the power of perception

File 24-01-2017, 12 33 39

As a long-term user of Apple computers, I struggle to find the right way forward in today’s strange times. I thought I had it figured out. But there’s an important factor I failed to take into consideration: client perception.

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