Why don’t smartphones last longer?

Ever since the last software update, my iPhone has been playing up. I’ve had it for 13 months. This is considered middle-aged by the standards of these devices, and when you think about it that’s completely insane.

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Why adventure and outdoor writing is more important than ever before

It’s an era of long-established magazines going online-only, and online publishers ‘pivoting to video’, citing economic stresses. The printed word is under pressure from other forms of entertainment, but I believe our genre – outdoor and adventure – desperately needs to make headway in this fight. Here’s why.

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Long-term review: Alpkit Gourdon 20 waterproof pack →

I’ve used Alpkit’s Gourdon waterproof daypacks for just over a decade. I started out with the original Gourdon 25 – little more than a drybag with straps (and, in 2007, a clear window that has since been removed from the range) – before upgrading to the slightly less minimalist Gourdon 20 in 2010.

Here’s my long-term review of the Alpkit Gourdon 20, tested to destruction, for The Great Outdoors.

Walk2017 – images from September

My photographic mojo has returned this month, thanks to a trip to the Alps. Here are a few snaps from mile 1,112 to 1,219.

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Social media for writers

‘Oh, you’ve written a book? You have to be on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google+ … or you will never sell a single copy.’

Does that sound familiar? New authors can find social media a bit of a minefield, and there’s a lot of contradictory advice out there. The (bad) advice above stems from the common belief that your main purpose on social media is to sell books.

I’m here to tell you that social media isn’t about the hard sell. It’s about being a social human being and networking with fans, readers and colleagues. It’s also about protecting yourself against its negative aspects.

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