Review policy

Updated 18/10/17

Writers, publishers and manufacturers often send me books and items of outdoor gear to review. If you’re thinking about sending me something, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Don’t send me something to review without asking me first. My time is limited and I always have a number of items on review at any given moment. Unsolicited review items will be ignored.
  2. Due to limited time, I’m currently taking a break from reviewing books on this website. Feel free to check back for an update next year.
  3. I’m on the reviewing team at The Great Outdoors magazine, which means impartiality is very important to me. I don’t do paid reviews or endorsements, and I will always mention negative points of the product I think the reader should be aware of. I strive to write realistic and balanced reviews.
  4. Here on this website, I only review items I have a personal interest in. In the vast majority of cases I won’t accept review requests for items of outdoor gear or other products.
  5. My reviews are primarily editorial pieces. That means there is no fixed structure, and the core focus is on my subjective opinions about the item, based on my relevant experience with competing products.
  6. If I have received an item in exchange for a review, I will always mention this.
  7. I don’t do star ratings for my reviews on this website as I find them reductive and unhelpful.
  8. If I really like something then I’ll advocate it to others. I like to support products and writers I believe in. This is entirely at my discretion, however, and due to the nature of my work I have no plans to act as a brand ambassador for any company, publishing house or writer.