I receive a large volume of email and my time is very limited. Much as I’d like to read and reply to every message, that isn’t always possible, so please read my FAQs before contacting me. Thanks!

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Availability for freelance editorial work: Due to an increase in workload from my established clients, I am no longer taking on freelance editorial work.

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Will you publish my article in Sidetracked or TGO?

If you’d like to discuss a Sidetracked feature, please email do read (and follow) the contributor guidelines. Sidetracked commissioning decisions are made between myself, John Summerton, and Jenny Tough, and due to the volume of emails we receive I cannot reply to every one individually, but if you send a pitch to this email address then I will read it. Important tip: top-quality photography is absolutely critical, and more important than a good story.

I play no role in commissioning TGO features. Please consult TGO contributor guidelines and contact info

Will you edit my book?

At the end of 2021 I decided to step back from editing manuscripts for private clients. This is due to the fact that I simply no longer have the time, between my regular work for Sidetracked, TGO, and writing my own books. For the foreseeable future I’ll no longer be seeking to work with new clients.

I’m a magazine publisher. Can you help with copy-editing or proofreading spreads before they go to print?

As above – I am no longer taking on work from new clients.

Will you review my book or other product?

Please read my review policy.

Do you publish sponsored content?

In the vast majority of cases the answer will be no, and I will not reply to most emails suggesting paid collaborations. They rarely fit with my vision of what I want to publish – I’m keen to keep material on this site focused and of the best quality.

Will you be an ambassador for my (or my client’s) brand?

Let’s talk!

Do you accept guest posts on this site?

Sorry, no.

If you’re still reading, and would still like to get in touch, please email me here.

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