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Even the best work can benefit from editing. I offer the following services:

  • Manuscript critique. After analysing your book or article, I will provide a detailed overview of what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve it. My feedback is guided by your requirements and can be as in-depth or general as you need, but doesn’t usually mention more specific issues such as spelling, grammar or style. This step will benefit fiction authors, particularly if you have a first draft but aren’t sure what to do next.
  • Proofreading. This is usually the last stage before publication. During proofreading I’ll check for spelling and grammatical errors, formatting problems, typos, and consistency. If you are confident that your work is finished and just needs a final polish, this is the service for you.
  • Line editing. This is the most thorough editing service I offer. A line edit will examine every sentence and word of your content. I will give you feedback on tone, consistency, use of words and phrases, and factual accuracy, editing for style and readability in addition to spelling and grammar. Again, this process is guided by you. A line edit is best for authors who want a full professional appraisal of their work.


I can produce copy tailored to your requirements. Here are a few of the possibilities:

  • For fiction authors, I can help you with synopses, query letters, blurbs, and your website.
  • For professional individuals and organisations, I can create copy for websites, advertising, and brochures.
  • I can also produce work for voluntary organisations and societies.