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To hell with Facebook – I’m starting a newsletter instead

Just because everyone’s on there doesn’t mean your business needs to be too Maybe it’ll come as no surprise, if you’ve been paying attention, that I don’t much like Facebook. For years, I’ve had a business presence there because I felt I had to—

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Switching my Facebook page to Auto mode

My dissatisfaction with Facebook has been growing for a few years now. It’s time to make another step in my gradual retreat from the service. In case you don’t know, I have a Facebook page called Alex Roddie: Words – Mountains – Imagination. It has 588 ‘likes’. I originally set

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Taming Facebook

If you’ve noticed that we’re no longer friends on Facebook, and feel upset about it, don’t worry – it isn’t you, it’s me. I joined Facebook in 2006 as one of the first few thousand users in the UK. In those days, Facebook was exclusive to