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On writing a trilogy, by Gordon Bickerstaff

An article on writing a trilogy by Gordon Bickerstaff, thriller writer. This article was originally published on the Pinnacle Editorial blog in February 2015. Today I’d like to welcome author Gordon Bickerstaff to the Pinnacle Blog. Gordon is a writer of thrillers, and it’s been my pleasure to

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An interview with Gordon Stainforth, author of FIVA

Photo from Gordon’s site: This is the first of a series of interviews with authors, photographers, film-makers, and other creative people who all have one thing in common: a connection with mountaineering culture. Tonight’s interview is with Gordon Stainforth, award-winning author of FIVA: An

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New guest blog post: Growing up with Mountains

Today my first guest blog post has appeared! Nick Wastnage has been kind enough to host my blog post, Growing up with Mountains, which tells the story of how I started writing about the outdoors and history. Nick Wastnage is a crime writer with a number of titles to his