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Book review and interview: Defiance by Lucas Bale

Earlier in the year I reviewed the debut novel of science fiction writer Lucas Bale. The Heretic plunged the reader into a frightening and chaotic universe. In my original review I wrote: “The author paints an uncomfortable and frequently bleak vision of a future in which humanity has spread beyond

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Breaking the ice on a new novel – the pilot chapter method

Actually getting started on a new novel can be a difficult step. Every writer is different: some of us leap headfirst into a new project, eager to get going, while others linger over characterisation and plot plans. I tend to fall into the latter category. I have failed on novels

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Every author needs a support team

They say writing is a lonely business. The meat of the work is conducted at your desk, alone: an introverted process of extracting ideas from the recesses of your mind and hammering them into some form others can understand and enjoy. The reality, of course, is very different. Writing can

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New short fiction competition hosted by Michael Brookes

Michael Brookes, author of The Cult of Me, is hosting a new short fiction competition on his blog. The competition is running throughout June and the challenge is simple: compose a short story of up to 500 words inspired by the image above! Michael is offering a range of generous

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Amazon deleting reviews – the plot thickens

Amazon is deleting book reviews: this is a well-documented fact. Up until now it was understood that Amazon’s bots have been stealthily erasing any reviews that they think* fit the following criteria: 1. Sock puppetry (ie. fake reviews written by the author using a second account); 2. Biased reviews