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Winter climbing conditions – how much information is too much?

British winter climbing is in a strange place at the moment. We like to get away to the hills as an escape from “real life,” and yet the world of climbing frequently mirrors the world around us even if we like to pretend that it doesn’t. Look around you.

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Featured on The Gear – a great new website for outdoor enthusiasts

As outdoor enthusiasts we value objective, real-world recommendations on gear when looking to make a purchase. There are plenty of sites out there devoted to advertising outdoor gear, but all too often it isn’t clear if the site was paid to advertise an item or if it has been

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Climbing with an Alpenstock

“It is a fact that everything which can be done with the alpenstock can be done also and better with the axe. No proper step can be quickly made with an alpenstock.” ~ “[The alpenstock] has a long tang running into the wood … and its termination is extremely sharp. With a