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social media reform

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Trying to take a stand against information overload

Have you wondered why I began my regular ‘what I’ve been reading this week’ slot on my blog? Have you wondered why I rarely retweet and share other people’s stuff on Twitter these days? It’s because the bottomless content feeds we’ve allowed to take up so

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Instagram is getting worse

My relationship with social media is a complex one – not quite love/hate, perhaps tolerate/loathe – and I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few years thinking about and studying the subtle but insidious costs of participating in these platforms.1 Yes, I tweet, and I

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Keeping the smartphone in its place with iOS 12’s Screen Time feature

For years, I have struggled with the burden of owning a smartphone. My two years working as a Carphone Warehouse salesman started the long process of opening my eyes to the shady tactics used by hardware manufacturers, networks, software engineers, and vendors to get users addicted to these devices. Addicted