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A month away from social media

On October the 31st 2017, I signed out of my personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, and I didn’t sign back in until the 1st of December. Here’s what I learned. Preface Please don’t read this as advice for how you should modify your social media

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The wrong side of history

For the first time in almost twenty years, the Mac platform is facing an existential threat. How we respond to this threat may shape the future of computing as we know it. The future isn’t bright – the future is compromised. One of my earliest memories is of sitting in

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Ulysses 2.6 review

The best professional writing app for OS X and iOS – no, not Scrivener – just received a major new release. Here’s an overview of the new features, and why it should be in every writer’s toolbox. Introduction to Ulysses Ulysses is a Markdown environment for writing, with robust electronic