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Crime and Punishment is here!

Our second speculative fiction anthology, Crime and Punishment, is now available on Kindle. I’m thrilled to introduce this collection of tales – sometimes dark, sometimes though-provoking. There will always be crime. There will always be those who covet what others possess, or who are driven to acts of violence through

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Thoughts on Kindle Unlimited, KDP Select, and being exclusive to Amazon

Kindle Unlimited has launched in the UK! Why is that good news for readers? For £7.99 a month, subscribers will get unlimited access to thousands of Kindle ebooks. That includes every KDP Select title plus a good selection of others as well. So: great for avid readers, but what

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The Atholl Expedition is finally here on Kindle – please share!

THE ATHOLL EXPEDITION(Alpine Dawn Book I)By Alex Roddie Introducing James Forbes in the quest for Scotland’s last glacier. SCOTLAND, 1847. Convalescence doesn’t suit Professor Forbes. When one of his former students appears exhausted at his door, telling stories of bloodthirsty gamekeepers and a mythical glacier in