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mountain safety

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Avalanche by moonlight

The ordinary experience on the UK’s mountains can be a predictable one. The weather is either middling, with low cloud, blustery wind and a splutter of rain, or it’s downright terrible–but you lace up your boots anyway, telling yourself you need the exercise. You reach the summit

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Climbing with an Alpenstock

“It is a fact that everything which can be done with the alpenstock can be done also and better with the axe. No proper step can be quickly made with an alpenstock.” ~ “[The alpenstock] has a long tang running into the wood … and its termination is extremely sharp. With a

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More webcams in the hills: an answer to the mountain safety question?

It seems that the bad news keeps coming this winter. Thirteen mountaineers have so far lost their lives during the course of the season, and many (if not most) of these incidents have attracted national press coverage. The most recent fatality occurred on Saturday when a 57 year old walker