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This month’s online writing for The Great Outdoors

It’s been my first full month as Online Editor for The Great Outdoors, although I spent the first ten days or so in the Alps! Here’s a selection of some of my recent writing for TGO (including one from August to bring it up to a full month)

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The Haute Route Pyrenees: Field Notes

In the August 2017 issue of The Great Outdoors, you’ll find my latest backpacking feature, entitled Chased by Storms. Here’s the lowdown on my route through the Pyrenees along with some extra photos and notes. My July 2016 trip to the Pyrenees was a first for me – my

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My new editorial role at TGO Magazine

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m taking on a new freelance role at TGO Magazine, the UK’s leading authority on backpacking and hillwalking since 1978. Will Renwick has recently moved to OutdoorsMagic (well done, Will!) so I am assuming his duties as Online Editor. I’m

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Editing TGO Magazine

In early May, I took a call from Emily Rodway, the editor of TGO Magazine. She had a simple request: for me to help get the June 2017 issue ready while she was on holiday. Of course, I said I’d do it. My relationship with this magazine goes back