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winter backpacking

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The winter Cape Wrath Trail resupply plan

How am I feeding myself on the Cape Wrath Trail in February 2019? In summer I’d buy everything locally, but I’m using a different plan this time. Edit 8th of March 2019 I’d like to clarify that sending gas cartridges and batteries through the post isn’t

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The winter Cape Wrath Trail gear list

After months of preparation, I have a near-final gear list for next month’s winter Cape Wrath Trail attempt. Here are a few thoughts on the gear I’ve selected and why. Trigger warning: this is not an ultralight gear list! General gear considerations For information on the trip’s

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The Cape Wrath Trail in winter: seeking silence in the Scottish Highlands

Time to announce my big winter project for early 2019. More: * Gear list on Lighterpack * Why go offline – and how? * Resupply plan It’s time to talk about a project I’ve been planning for a while. You may have seen hints on social media or in my newsletter about