Mountain Podcast, Episode 5: The Angel of Camasunary


A Podcast About Adventure
Hosted by Christopher Sleight

The fifth episode of Mountain hit the interwebs last week, and I loaded it up on my iPod to accompany a long train journey to Scotland. It’s a great episode.

One thing I love about Mountain is the diversity of the stories told. Mountains provide a framework of reference and an over-arching theme, but in episode five, The Angel of Camasunary, the story is all about Duncan McCallum and a chance encounter on Skye in 1981.

Duncan McCallum, perhaps better known as Streapadair, is a phenomenally talented mountain photographer. I first saw his photographs many years ago, and as the podcast reveals, they are portraits not merely of mountains but of solitude. This story is all about one particular photo.

,In episode five, Duncan tells the story of that meeting in 1981 and Chris puts on his journalist’s hat to track down Freya.
The result is a touching and poignant tale of life in the hills, and a superb instalment of what is rapidly becoming one of the best outdoor podcasts out there.

You can listen to Mountain episode five for free here. The podcast is entirely self-funded and relies on support from its listeners, so please consider subscribing – it’s well worth it!

By Alex Roddie

Award-winning outdoor and nature writer, editor, author, and photographer.

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