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ViewRanger vs Garmin – I was wrong

In April 2017, faced with the news that ViewRanger was introducing a new social feed that could not be deactivated, I wrote this somewhat angry post explaining why I hated the idea. But fast-forward two months, and my position has softened. I thought I’d be able to replace ViewRanger

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ViewRanger is becoming a social network

On Friday, the ViewRanger team published a new blog post called Introducing the ViewRanger Activity Feed. The best digital nav tool for hiking and hillwalking is becoming a social network. Here’s why I think this is a bad idea. What makes ViewRanger great ViewRanger is a precision tool for

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Digital navigation in TGO Magazine – a response

In the November 2016 issue of TGO, I contributed to a technical article on using smartphones for navigation on the hill. As ever, this remains a contentious subject. I was interested to read a letter from Colin Fisher, published in the January 2017 issue, and he makes a number of