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Trying to take a stand against information overload

Have you wondered why I began my regular ‘what I’ve been reading this week’ slot on my blog? Have you wondered why I rarely retweet and share other people’s stuff on Twitter these days? It’s because the bottomless content feeds we’ve allowed to take up so

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The upgrade trap

Sometimes, when you think you are upgrading an item, you’re actually downgrading instead Our consumer economy is based on the idea that newer is better. The affluent are accustomed to replacing computers and TVs every few years, and smartphones every year or two. These days, even household appliances aren’

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iPad mobile photography workflows in 2016

Ever since the iPad was first introduced, I’ve been trying to make it work as a viable portable computer. Photography remains a real weak point of iOS, and although iOS 10 takes a big leap forward in closing that gap, it still isn’t quite there. First, let me