Sidetracked Volume 9 is available to pre-order

It’s that time again. Twitter is abuzz with the news, and mouth-watering photos are popping up in your Facebook feed – a new volume of the peerless Sidetracked is up for pre-order!

Volume 9 has an important message: unity. This quote from the foreword by Sarah Outen illustrates why I’m proud to be on the Sidetracked team.

It feels like now, more than ever, our community of adventurers, travellers and storytellers must bear witness to the power of those connections and share the transformative power of curiosity-fuelled travel, of welcoming strangers, championing the shared and celebrating the different. And here’s to Sidetracked’s part in that, inspiring and informing, transporting us into others’ moments and journeys and letting us peek through their experience of the world. Uniting, not dividing.

It’s a great issue. You can read about an epic crossing of Baffin Island, living with nomadic people in the Siberian winter, and wince as Alastair Humphreys scrapes a tune on a violin in a Spanish village. Sidetracked Volume 9 will take you along the Ganges and into the teeth of a storm in Iceland. These words are, as always, illustrated by the very best in adventure and outdoor photography.

Pre-order your copy of Sidetracked Volume 9 here. Shipping February 27th. relies on support from readers like you. Please consider making a donation on PayPal. Thank you!

By Alex Roddie

Award-winning outdoor and nature writer, editor, author, and photographer.

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