This month’s online writing for The Great Outdoors

It’s been my first full month as Online Editor for The Great Outdoors, although I spent the first ten days or so in the Alps! Here’s a selection of some of my recent writing for TGO (including one from August to bring it up to a full month).

  1. Ben Nevis entirely snow-free for first time since 2006
  2. First-time Páramo user, part one: British summer
  3. Review: Grivel Ghost ultralight ice axe
  4. 9 top tips for hiking the Cape Wrath Trail
  5. 7 reasons why autumn is the best season in the British hills
  6. A new road to Tibet
  7. Interview with Carl Bevan: raising money for charity through the mountains
  8. Review: Black Diamond Alpine FLZ trekking poles

There’s loads more good stuff in the pipeline, including the second part of my Páramo review series, so don’t forget to follow @TGOMagazine on Twitter for updates.

By Alex Roddie

Award-winning outdoor and nature writer, editor, author, and photographer.

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