What I’ve been reading this week, 8 September 2019

Colorado Rockies, Kodak courage, the blindness of outdoors media, and how almost everything about Goodreads is broken.

Long-distance hiking and the outdoors

The best moments in life should never be rushed – an update from Chris Townsend on his Colorado Rockies walk. Looks fantastic!

Kodak courage: social media and risk in the mountains – a solid piece by Ash Routen on a subject I have been studying with great interest recently.

Angus hillwalker climbs Munro on every full moon – and writes book charting his adventures – Alan’s fondness for climbing mountains at night is legendary. I’m looking forward to reading this new book about his moonlit ascents.

Four kilos of gum and a rowing machine: how the most popular mountains became a mess – while this situation is insane, I find it troubling how the outdoors media (and I include myself here) never admit how we have enabled an environment where this is kind of thing happens. A reckoning is coming.


Swedish mountain loses highest peak title due to global heating – ‘The mountains are changing so fast – higher temperatures, less snow, winter rain.’

Norway Sami community fights for survival as temperatures rise – depressing stuff.

Mental health

We have ruined childhood – ‘For youngsters these days, an hour of free play is like a drop of water in the desert. Of course they’re miserable.’

Writing, editing, and books

Sky Dance by John D. Burns is out now – John’s blog post announcing the availability of this fantastic book, which I edited. I’ll have more to write about the book launch soon.

Almost everything about Goodreads is broken – I stopped using Goodreads years ago because it’s just a bad website that’s hard to use. Amazing to read that nothing has changed.

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By Alex Roddie

Award-winning outdoor and nature writer, editor, author, and photographer.

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