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I am an outdoor and nature writer, editorial professional, and photographer.

I am an outdoor and nature writer, editorial professional, and photographer.


My work is all about the stories that matter: wildness, adventure, the environment, and our place in the world. My writing has been published internationally in many magazines and books, and as an editorial professional I work with a wide range of authors, publishers, and copywriters. I am also a widely published outdoor and adventure photographer.Contact me

My latest book

In February 2019, award-winning writer Alex Roddie left his online life behind when he set out to walk 300 miles through the Scottish Highlands, seeking solitude and answers. In leaving the chaos of the internet behind for a month, he hoped to learn how it was truly affecting him – or if he should look elsewhere for the causes of his anxiety.

The Farthest Shore is the story of Alex’s solo trek along the remote Cape Wrath Trail. As he journeyed through a vanishing winter, Alex found answers to his questions, learnt the nature of true silence, and discovered frightening evidence of the threats faced by Scotland’s wild mountain landscape.

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