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Walking 1,500 miles in 2017

In the end, it wasn’t about the miles At the start of 2017, I decided to take on ViewRanger’s Walk2017 challenge. The idea is simple: you pick a mileage target—500, 1,000 or 1,500—then aim to hike it over the course of the year. Because

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Walk2017 – images from October and November

As I near the end of my attempt to walk 1,500 miles in 2017 (yes, I should just about make it!) it’s time to post my penultimate gallery of images. With the exception of a boost in September, my photographic output has gradually slowed over the course of

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Walk2017 – images from September

My photographic mojo has returned this month, thanks to a trip to the Alps. Here are a few snaps from mile 1,112 to 1,219. This trip was less goal-driven than previous visits to the Alps. Rather than hike a specific trail or tick off a list of peaks,

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Walk2017 – images from June to August

Mile 565 – 1,103 My habit of posting monthly photo blogs has lapsed recently, but that’s because I’ve suffered from a lack of photographic inspiration over the summer – as usual. Now that I’ve gathered enough images from this period to make a decent post, I thought I’

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Walk2017 – images from May

This month I added a short trip to the Lake District to my everyday walking in Lincolnshire. Summer is finally here. As my daily walks become more and more part of my routine, I’ve found my drive to take pictures has declined. Maybe it’s because I know every

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Walk2017 – images from April

I added a few extra miles to my tally this month, and a vintage manual telephoto lens to my gear load. Here are a few images from miles 308-430.

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#Walk2017 – images from miles 200-308

It’s been a quiet month with no particularly dramatic light or weather. As my daily walk becomes more and more familiar, I’ve found myself taking fewer pictures – but here are a few highlights. The landscape is waking up after a mild winter. For more pictures from March 2017,

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#Walk2017 – images from the second hundred miles

I crossed the 200-mile threshold on my #walk2017 journey yesterday. Here are some photographs from the second hundred miles. While January was all about tree silhouettes against the sky and extraordinary light, the unifying theme of February has been colour. I’ve taken fewer monochrome images this month. My attention

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#Walk2017 – a photographic study of the first 100 miles

At the start of the year, I set myself the challenge of walking 1,500 miles. Here is a photographic study of the first 100. A few things have surprised me. My new routine My daily morning hike generates the bulk of the mileage – a five-mile circuit that I walk